We truly believe in long-term partnerships between player and agent, from first cont(r)act to the switch to a post-career life. At Quadrans, we put our players in the driver’s seat to take their own decisions and design their personal life path. We are true player caretakers and trusted partners through the entire player lifecycle and beyond. Your career our mission.

Gunter Thiebaut, managing partner at Quadrans, combines over 15 years of top-level professional football experience with a master’s degree in management. A licensed FIFA agent for both majors and minors, Gunter is also an esteemed member of The Football Forum (TFF). He holds a UEFA A coaching license and excels as a player agent, driven by a deep commitment to the personal development of players. His approach is sustainable and empathetic, aiming for long-term success.

Gunter’s mission is to impart his extensive expertise to every player he represents, enriching their careers with the same joy, emotions and success he has experienced.

Quadrans career management pride themselves on player care and have a clear understanding that each player has his or her own individual requirements. With a proactive approach we ensure clients are at ease and receive the very best of service, support and guidance they require. From negotiating player contracts with clubs to working through sponsorship endorsements with leading (sportswear) brands, state-of-art performance management and much more. That is what Quadrans stands for.

To help our players live the success and growth some of us were able to experience in our own careers, we provide a broad range of lifestyle services including sports nutrition plans, academic school support team, financial services, housing and more.

Our partners

At Quadrans, our global network is pivotal in providing our talents with unparalleled opportunities for long and successful careers in football. We realize dreams by aligning our efforts with the unique personalities and aspirations of each player. Our extensive scouting network spans Europe and beyond, collaborating with trusted partners who share our vision.

As a united family of dedicated FIFA Football Agents, we work closely with partner agents, career support teams, academic experts, and clubs worldwide to foster player success both on and off the field.

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